Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Herbal Medicine RIP

Where is Frank Sinatra when you need him? Oh yes, he's dead...just like herbal medicine and one of our fundamental freedoms is about to be. I can hear Frank now...

...and now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain...la la la la la la la...

Yes, I'm banging on about herbal medicine again. The punitive, ultra-expensive and mind bendingly complex new European registration for herbal remedies is now in full effect and the MHRA have recently decided that sale of all old stock of herbal products will now be stopped. Visit the MHRA website and you can read the proposal as below...

Proposal to end the “sell through” of unlicensed manufactured herbal medicinal products

10 July 2013

The MHRA is undertaking a public consultation on proposals to end the "sell through" of unlicensed herbal remedies legally on market at April 2011. (i.e. products previously on the market under section 12(2) of the Medicines Act 1968). For more information please see the link below. http://www.mhra.gov.uk/Howweregulate/Medicines/Herbalmedicinesregulation/RegisteredTraditionalHerbalMedicines/TraditionalHerbalMedicinesRegistrationSchemelatestnewsandapplicationnumbers/CON296407

So, by the end of 2013 you will no longer be able to purchase in health food stores, pharmacies or elsewhere in the EU any unregistered herbal medicines. Our right to choose a natural, God given form of medicine will have been removed by the EU dictatorship. Perfectly safe and properly manufactured herbal products will be removed in exchange for the few registered herbal products that some companies have been able to afford. The few registered products that will be left would mainly be ones that were already there, in the main. So nothing really changed for them, they just happened to be sold by a company that had enough cash to be in the Euro club and thus keep them on the shelves. If there are any shelves left of course, as now the industry decimation will really start. So, when you next find yourself on your knees talking to the author of your free will offer up a silent few words in memory of the oldest tradition on Earth, and one of your fundamental human rights. Incidentally, do not get up from your knees because your old God has been dumped by the updated and expensive version, dEUs.
Herbal Medicine - Requiescat In Pace
Te dEUm laudamus

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