Sunday, 14 June 2009

Human Rights, Human Wrongs

This month we saw the ruling by the Law Lords that the right to impose “control orders” on terrorist suspects was against the human rights of the suspects and ran counter to all that the British legal system is based upon and stands for, when those orders are applied on the basis of secret evidence. The “Human Rights” ruling in question is that of the European Community.

The recent case concerns three unnamed men who have had control orders imposed because of the suspicion that they were involved with terrorism. The basis upon which the men were placed under these control orders was secret evidence, evidence that the British authorities did not want to release into the public domain for fear of compromising its effectiveness in gaining information and its sources. Two of the men, apparently, are not British or European…not that it should make a difference of course.

Control orders can mean that a suspect is tagged, given curfews, held under house arrest, stopped from making telephone calls, using the internet etc. Not a very nice situation to find yourself in, as we would all agree I’m sure.

But…what on Earth are the authorities, the Home Office, MI5, the Police etc. supposed to do if they have any suspicions about an individual and the potential for terrorism? They of course will be bound by all these rulings. Genuine terrorists on the other hand will be bound by nothing…not even control orders, doing all they can to gain advantage from such rulings and situations! This is the whole basis of terrorism…to act outside the rules, to break every rule, to disregard every right, moral and more of civilised society to strike a blow for the cause they support. One side plays by the rules…and is forced by European legislation to do so, the other sides whole purpose is to destroy the rules, and for that matter, the rule makers themselves. The “war on terrorism” is not your usual type of war of course, not the good old fashioned type! Most wars are fought by people taking up two sides, wearing recognisable uniforms and more often than not fighting whilst observing some basic set of rules, the etiquette of warfare if you would!

It’s not just the authorities that are worried by this ruling of course, we citizens should be very worried too. We after all have become default soldiers in the “war on terrorism”, targets for the terrorists, we are the other side, the opposition, the enemy. We thought we were paying the government and the police to protect us from terrorists. But alas, even these guys are neutralised, not just by the enemy but by our own and superimposed European legislative procedures. We want to be protected from the terrorists. We thought we had the people to do it, but now what?

Just look at the poor police force. They have recently had some terrible publicity focussed on them for taking action they believed was important in their role of protecting the public from potential terrorist threats. What are they to do? They are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. I for one say, “thanks chaps”. At least you are trying, and we can see that, and we should be grateful.

It actually seems to be common sense that in this “war on terrorism” you need secret sources and information. What are the alternatives?

Human rights legislation is one of the greatest attainments of a civilised and intelligent society. We all require and support the fact that we can enjoy and operate under such legislation. It has to be accepted by all though, and this is basically where it falls down of course…not everyone does accept it. Another problem with it, especially when it comes down from a European parliament is that we have the charter for Human Rights handed to us along with an endless stream of other laws, rules and regulations. So, in other words we are given our freedom but we are also given more and more laws. More and more laws mean more and more people are criminalised or legislated against. More and more freedoms are taken away. More and more criminals are created. We have basic human long as we observe an ever growing array of life controlling euro laws.

As I explained in my blog entitled “GIVEN ENOUGH (EU)ROPE…WE CAN ALL HANG”, I and other users of herbal products are being legislated against, and out of existence, by Europe. Our history and tradition are being legislated for and I and all who share in my culture, history and traditions (i.e. the British people) have no recourse to justice. I have no way to stand up and say, “hang on euro chaps I have the fundamental human right to carry on using, making and selling herbal medicines as I do, in a safe way, as we have done since time began.”
Where are the clever human rights lawyers when we need them? Mrs. Blair, I need you, give me a ring, we can have a legal field day! I shall await her call, and in the meantime more laws, rules and regulations will appear, eventually governing every aspect of our lives. Yet still, we will have the Human Rights laws that say I have rights to my tradition, culture and history. Am I alone in my confusion? So we are trapped between the human rights legislation and the plethora of other lunatic laws pouring from Brussels. The net effect is to cause everything to grind to a halt. We will not be able to enjoy one law without breaking another. Human Rights legislation is a way to do nothing, sit on your hands, give no responsibility and take no responsibility. We all end up doing nothing…absolutely nothing. Well not absolutely nothing because we will still have to do what Mama Brussels tells us to do.

This of course is also where the anti-terrorist legislation falls flat on it’s face. We can’t actually do anything about it because we have to many laws countering each other and those laws are being played cleverly by those that want to take advantage of them. The law makers and the lawyers are sitting pretty of course. The law abiding and the law itself, the police as an example, are stuffed! Common sense, along with Common Law has been done away with.

Human Rights legislation and the way it is panning out seems to mirror the way the individual and society have developed of late. We are in a generation of the ego where selfish interest rules. We want everything except the blame. Are we in the European Community or just the European…? If I want, I should have. If I want bigger breasts I can, if I want more money I’ll get a credit card off some idiot bank willing to give it to me, if I want a baby at 60 I’ll find a doctor who has no morals governing such unnatural procedures. If it all goes wrong I’ll claim damages under the Human Rights laws. Let’s not even mention what we have read in the news about certain individuals with possible connections to terrorist organisations and what they have gained from the courts of Human Rights. Human Rights law is fast becoming the ultimate fashion accessory, it comes in all colours, all sizes, is endlessly recyclable….and gets us nowhere.

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