Tuesday, 30 June 2009


An interesting aspect of British history is that this island has never succumbed to a revolution, uprising or civil war resulting in the permanent removal of the monarchy and the old establishment. Oliver Cromwell probably came the closest, but even his “best” efforts could not stop the tide of monarchy once more returning to our shores.

In 1381, for example, the so-called “Peasants Revolt” happened. This revolt came about because the poor peasants were being taxed to death, ostensibly to pay for the 100 years war against the French. To make matters worse, the king of the day, Richard II, was just a boy and was being manipulated by family members and advisors. The poor peasants simply had no more money to give, were fed up of the scheming ruling classes….so they kicked off!
The revolt was quite limited and short lived but a fair bit of damage was done, around London and Essex in particular. Even though the revolt was put down effectively it did actually mark the beginning of the end of serfdom. So, something was set in motion, something was achieved!

Interestingly, we British are taxed more now, than at any other time in history. But, are we still fighting the French? Are we under the despotic rule of a tyrant King or Queen? Are we just plain stupid?
The old system of monarchy is gone. In it’s place we have a new system consisting of the Westminster Parliament, the European Union, and, if you live in Scotland or Wales, our own shiny new Assemblies/Parliaments. So no surprise that we are paying more than ever, we have to support all the politicians and the whole machinery of this vast new political monarchy. We have swapped a ruling family for a ruling political class that is running out of control, inflicting more and more expensive government and legislation upon us and inflicting more of themselves upon us. It is amusingly ironic that the politicians have, and are still, limiting and removing powers and rights of the royal family and hereditary ruling classes and replacing the “real” royals and their privileges with themselves!

We have recently experienced all the scandal surrounding the MPs expenses fiasco and the total disregard our MPs have in spending/wasting our hard earned money. Just to rub the insult in deeper and deeper we now have the pathetic situation where the present government has done away effectively with hereditary Peers and instead inflict the titles upon themselves. I can not even repeat Mandelson’s title collection for fear of wanting to call myself Fawkes and smuggle sticks of dynamite into the Houses of Parliament. To make matters even more amusing I heard the news reports yesterday (29 June 2009) about how much the Royal Family costs us. 62p a year each apparently! Is that all? So, basically, no comparison whatsoever with the total financial bondage we are in to every layer of politicians from Cardiff Bay to Brussels then. Here’s another amusing comparison…Gordon (I’m an honest, working class, Presbyterian) Brown up against our present Queen. I know who I would trust. Queen equals honesty, integrity, unfailing sense of duty, straight talking; Gordon equals not even a straight answer as to the state of the weather, forget the economy! Queen equals value for money; Gordon equals bag of swag! I have never considered myself a great royalist, but you know what…I’d pay another 62p a year for Liz. But then that news story was probably yet another clever manipulation of the press by the government…ok boys, says Gordon, we’re right in the poo…I know, blame the old bird in the big house just to take the pressure of us for a while! If only I had access to the press in this way. Elvis would definitely be working in Tesco with Michael Jackson, aliens would have landed and there would be whole nations of fairies living at the end of Mr. Mandelson’s garden!

The King is dead….long live the Westminster gravy train!

The Westminster Parliament and British politicians of all shades and persuasions though are just royal small fry, lap dogs to the supreme royalty that is the European Parliament. I almost hate to use the word Parliament to describe these despots because Europe is really governed by the European Commission a non-elected elite that simply make it up as they go along! They do whatever they want basically, and are effectively in control of all they survey. The European Parliament effectively rubber stamps everything they say and they enjoy wealth and power unparalleled in history, certainly in comparison with the history of the British royal family. Maybe this is why the Westminster MPs, and all the Welsh and Scottish Parliament members cow tow and bow down to every edict issuing from Brussels. They know that if they are good boys and girls they may well get promoted to the lofty heights of Euro-royalty. They are like little bottom feeding bannerettes scuttling around the medieval battlefields, hoping one day to be accepted at the top table.

Come to think of it, how on Earth is that we are adding more and more layers of government such as the Welsh and Scottish Parliaments? Europe is taking over more and more powers and effectively making indigenous politicians redundant. So why do we have more when we actually require less? How can the Welsh and Scottish parliaments demand ever more powers when they are handing them over to HRH Brussels? Politics, and politicians, to coin a modern term, have gone viral, they are springing up everywhere, even though Brussels actually rules all. But, viruses of themselves are not intrinsically damaging, it is the body’s reaction to them that causes the trouble. When a virus gets into us and starts replicating, interfering, entering more and more of our cells the immune system attacks. It’s a bit like stepping into a mine field. Politicians need to take heed of this process as the more they interfere and replicate the more our alarm bells are going to go off, and finally when the critical political mass is reached the mines will go of…the peasants will once again revolt!

Why do we, the serfs, let these people do what they do? Maybe we are stupid? Just look at EC Treaty Article 308 Maastricht…the eerie Self Amendment Clause which basically means the European Commission can do whatever, whenever they like. They can use it to plug any gap, at any time, in any law, edict, directive they like!

Just as if to prove they are the new royalty, the Autocrats send their kids to exclusive schools together. Thus creating the next generation of eurocrats. Is this what EUgenics was really all about? Then again, in a couple of generations we’ll be back to where we started as inbreeding will cause a collapse of the House of Euro von Hapless…if we’re lucky!

The old monarchs ruled by divine right…approved and certified by God. But still watched over by God, and sometimes he obviously got a tad frustrated with them, just ask Charles the First. The Eurocrats, by virtue of the self amendment clause, have done away with such silly endorsements, and become God himself. Why are we, the peasants not revolting…the peasants in charge are truly revolting!


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