Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Ok, so let’s set the scene…I’m 18 years old, I’m in the British army, I’m in the midst of carnage in a battle against the Taliban in Afghanistan. It’s no ordinary battle this….the British and coalition forces are wearing uniforms, playing to the rules…the Taliban are not in uniform, they look like ordinary civilians half the time…who is who? Here I am…kill or be killed…who do I shoot at? This is a small town, we are being shot at from all sides. It’s my life or theirs, I could just shoot at everything that moves, but I can not. I am bound by international conventions, rules of engagement…a sense of duty…serving a cause…honour. Sure, in the carnage, sometimes it goes wrong and civilians get killed, but what would the politicians do if they had the gun in their hands…having to react now…NOW OR DIE?

If the politicians in question were members of the European Parliament/Commission/Gravy train then I have no doubt what they would do. They would keep shooting until the gun melted in their hands, until nothing was moving or breathing within harms reach. Why on earth would they let rules of engagement, international conventions, duty etc. get in the way? The simple answer is that they can do whatever they like. They do not need to worry about the normal rules and laws that govern our behaviour, even in the most inhuman of circumstances. They make stuff up as they go along.
What do I mean?
Well, read this…read this carefully…read it over and over again until you realise what this actually means. Read it over and over until it makes you sick…you are a sponsor to this reality, you are allowing it to happen.

…in the territory of each member state and whatever their nationality, officials and other servants of the Communities shall…be immune from legal proceedings in respect of acts performed by them in their official capacity, including their words spoken or written. They shall continue to enjoy this immunity after they have ceased to hold office…
(Protocol no. 36; privileges and immunities of the European Communities (1965), continued in the Constitution Protocol 7, Article 2)

This Protocol basically gives the Eurocrats immunity from prosecution during their tenure of office and when they have retired. Immunity from prosecution for anything, as long as they are not caught in the act. This is one of their terms of employment. Basically, according to the word of this protocol, a eurocrat can get away with anything! Just imagine having this as one of the terms of your employment contract…and by the way, you should be able to, because if we all share the same human rights laws then we should be able to share the same rights as those who are empowered to make the laws. Cherie, Mrs. Blair, where are you? Another one for you love. Wig on, come out fighting on our behalf…

Just imagine if you had this clause in your employment contract. What could you get away with? You could do anything and not even get the sack! Theft, fraud…murder, whatever! Just don’t get caught in the act. You could murder your way up the corporate ladder, being sure not to get bumped off yourself on the way up of course! Call me stupid, but I thought accountability was a vital part of any politicians brief. Move aside sonny, the moral high ground is being bulldozed by Europe to make way for a tax haven and holiday homes for politicians.

Amusingly (but not really!), eurocrats also have a right to relocate anywhere in Europe without any immigration controls etc. Takes me back to the old days of great train robbers and the like, when if you’d turned over a bank in Peckham you’d scarper with the loot down to Spain to spend your cash in the sun. Eventually, this escape route open to the old time gangsters was shut down of course. Now though the eurocrats have reopened this criminal exit route for personal use, privatised it for the euro elite. So, a eurocrat could “sequester” some of our tax euros in a dodgy deal, why not just pay it straight into the bank account straight from the tax payers pockets…just don’t be seen doing it, maybe a few million, the more the merrier, and in theory they could not be prosecuted for it at any time. Then, if a finger was pointed in their direction they could quietly “retire” to the South of France or the Costa del Taxpayer and not even have the cops chase them out…let alone actually arrest them!

Not even our soldiers, some still just inexperienced teenagers, in the midst of the carnage and the randomness of battle, when you would have expected that all civilised activity has ceased to exist, when the rule of law has gone out the window, enjoy such protection from the law.
It’s not right…is it?

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